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Midday Workshop, Oct. 9, 12-1:30 pm ET

Available Online

An opportunity for those who have experienced sexual trauma to use writing to create a healing text.

  • 75 US dollars


Welcome to the TPT workshop. We work to create a safe space in which you are comfortable and your privacy is protected. To do so, we maintain a locked discussion forum in which only survivors in the session can post. We also delete these posts within twenty-four hours. We wait so those who were unable to complete their responses or want to re-read responses are able to finish. If you would like your post deleted immediately after the session, please let us know. We ask that you help us create an environment of safety and privacy by doing the following: ● Please do not include last names or any definitive identifying characteristics of people. Although we believe you have a right to openly confront and claim all aspects of your experience, identifying an abuser could present some risk to your own privacy and safety. For this reason, we recommend avoiding this practice; if you decide to name names, you do so at your own risk. ● Please do not share any of the stories that you read. We are here to tell our stories with this particular group of people. It should always be the survivors’ choice as to who hears their story and how it is told. By agreeing to be part of our forum, you agree to protect others’ privacy. All participants have made the decision to confront some difficult material. In doing so, you accept that this material can be triggering and understand that the facilitators are here to support you and ground you. The decision to participate in a TPT workshop is a powerful one and it belongs to you: participation means that you acknowledge and accept your own risk and responsibility. These workshops are intended for all, including those with mental, physical, or cognitive disabilities, illness, injuries, impairments, or any other condition that tends to negatively affect one’s equal access to education and other opportunities. When you register for this workshop, please let us know if you have specific accommodation needs in and we will work together to ensure equitable access for you.

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