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Writing Workshops and Creative Arts for Sexual Trauma Survivors


Text Power Telling (TPT) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide safe spaces for survivors of sexual trauma to practice writing as a transformative and healing process. Through writing workshops, online publications, and collaborations with diverse stakeholders (including therapists, community organizers, public service organizations), TPT centers sexual trauma survivors’ healing by providing opportunities for creative expression in writing, art, and body.


The Workshop

We use writing to take power back over sexual trauma. We don’t care about grammar or character development. We don’t care if you ever publish what you write. We are here if you want to scream or weep on the page. Words don’t need to be pretty. They just need to be your truth. 

Upcoming Workshops

Creative Arts Submissions

Literary and media submissions by those who have experienced sexual trauma.



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