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This workshop will provide the opportunity for those who have experienced sexual trauma to use writing as a vehicle for deeper exploration and to create a healing text. 


The TPT workshop provides sexual trauma survivors the opportunity to share in an anonymous or semi-anonymous online writing forum. The workshop begins with a discussion of how and why we write about sexual trauma. Facilitators share their writing, discuss how writing the text made them feel and then model how to respond to writings about sexual trauma. We then write together, and after grounding exercises, we respond to each other and reflect. The event is an empowering one, and allows survivors to tell their truths as they see fit.

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 This workshop is open to folx who have experienced sexual trauma. We define sexual trauma broadly: there is no value in measuring or evaluating the legitimacy of others’ suffering. Sexual harm takes many forms. We recognize that sexual trauma occurs across identities, communities, and contexts; this workshop is inclusive and welcomes all. We recognize, too, that sexual trauma happens more frequently to and often creates increased hardship for individuals with multiple, marginalized intersecting identities. 

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Financial Assistance 

TPT workshops are inclusive and welcome all. Opportunities for financial support are available for those who face financial hardship and cannot afford the cost of a TPT workshop. Please fill out the form below to see if you qualify for financial assistance.

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