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Sharing one’s story of sexual violence is essential for healing, but poses risk. Family and friends can respond with disbelief, blame, or discomfort, retraumatizing survivors, causing internalized shame. Our writing workshops allow survivors to put words to traumatic experiences in a safe, survivor-led space.


Whether sharing a physical space together or meeting remotely, TPT writing workshop participants are given access to a protected online forum during our two-hour workshop. Facilitators introduce a standardized framework for thinking about how and why we write about sexual trauma, and guide participants through a process that includes modeling, independent writing, sharing, and responding. The workshop components are structured according to a set timeframe, providing participants with clear boundaries for engagement with difficult content, as well as breaks that include grounding exercises and reflection.


 Writing Workshops run monthly at healingSpace, Bergen County’s Sexual Violence Resource Center.  Please check their calendar for dates

If you are interested in attending a workshop, reach out to your local resource center and ask them to contact us to schedule a workshop near you. Contact us @


 This workshop is open to folx who have experienced sexual trauma. We define sexual trauma broadly: there is no value in measuring or evaluating the legitimacy of others’ suffering. Sexual harm takes many forms. We recognize that sexual trauma occurs across identities, communities, and contexts; this workshop is inclusive and welcomes all. We recognize, too, that sexual trauma happens more frequently to and often creates increased hardship for individuals with multiple, marginalized intersecting identities. 

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