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Pones Inc.'s Traffick is created for the audience to truly experience the journey of human trafficking. Audience members guide themselves through multidisciplinary experiences.

The Usual ArtSpects

Work created by trafficking survivors 

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To the boys whose names are too irrelevant to remember,

I am now an outcast for what you did to me. You made me feel degraded and worthless. High school was ruined because of you. It took me five years to trust a boy because of you. All of the hard work I put in to be the best got overshined because all people saw was the word victim in glowing neon lights over my head. You called me jugs because of the size of my breasts. You pointed, laughed, and made awfully degrading comments. You thought I would have stayed quiet and put up with it for the entire school year; you were horribly mistaken and so was I. I thought that if I kept my head down and kept quiet you would stop. I ignored you but that didn’t work; you kept digging your heels in deeper. The comments and the imaginary boob juggling destroyed me. You took away my confidence and my self-worth. You stole my dignity and my sense of humanity. I am now healing. You can’t take anything else from me. I won’t let you.

Today there are two words I have to say to you...FUCK YOU.

Taylor (AKA Jugs)

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