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In Silent Shadows by Laura Howard

by Laura Howard

In Silent Shadows

Increasing in intensity

Nightmares and

Screams because the

Instigator will not

Let up

Enclosing and

Never stopping with the



Hurting with their

Abusive mannerisms

Defending themselves as the


Who now threatens my

Safety and security.

Pain and torment over the years

Living like this always in fear.

In silent shadows.

Never knowing what to expect,

Fearing for your life,

Wondering if there is a knife,

Trapped among the silent shadows.

Wanting to tell someone the story,

Not reliving the gore.

Resolving to my silent shadows.

Encouraged to find a way out,

Coming through with a loud shout,

Now able to leave without

The shadow of a doubt.

What we felt was love,

Among the silent shadows,

Was far beyond any love that they have ever known.

Out of the silent shadows into the LIGHT,

They take off and enjoy the FLIGHT,

Oh the joy, oh the delight.

Finally Free, free, free

From the chains that held them

Among the silent shadows.


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