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Reclaim by Traci Neal

by Traci Neal


This body knows brands where brutality breeds.

A process plans to split my legs like

mayo marinated on a sandwich.

Futile frustrations dress my weary drops

with destruction wallowing from my body

until it has to participate.

Trust turns into becoming a man’s

militant trash, yet somehow tragedy transforms

my tender mixed-up puzzle pieces into poetry.

After my various parts splatter, I invade words

like the male who thought threading my body on

his needle made him a hero and not a villain.

As a woman, I reflect on my poetic heart

sewing verses into souls such as mine

with a desire for answers.

Strength is a string we must agree to

and straighten out our opposition in a knot.

Open a new wardrobe

to thrive in your appearance.

Refuse to reject yourself,

but race toward renewal.

To every woman,

reclaim the body birthing

out of your yoke needing

more than a bandaid.

Reclaim joy and join hands

in the justice to choose.

Reclaim your voice

spoken by an internal

microphone shouting

louder than what society

shames you for.

Reclaim your identity.

You are a worthy treasure.

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