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Allaying Throes

by Medhavi Gupta

Allaying Throes

You and I,

All the fallacies of young love

Cliched excuses

So many “firsts”

Ponderings of existential dread

“Why can’t people get married in silence?”, you remarked

“Beats me,” I laughed

From queen to idiot whore

What I mean to you, changes galore

Your musings turned out to be an unfamiliar lore

“You are just three holes”

I am afraid of August, afraid that you’ll call

“Shut up bitch”

Now I don’t even twitch

Used to stitch up scenarios

Of the two of us in the mountains, beaches and more

Though I never took off my clothes,

You stripped me of my inhibitions

Saw me at my rawest form

Like the silence before the storm

Made me believe, this was the norm

Now I wander from home to home

Call them muses, but not for long

I have learned to catch and let go

Of embracing the mayhem of marauders

Not wandering too far in the transient showers

Building something within myself

Something to come back to, after every mayhem



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