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Between a Light and Fire

by Susan Simonds

Between a Light and Fire

Between a light and fire


Your buried appetite


last night

I found it

in a shoebox

in a poem

Every other word a bullet

Every space between a spark

A younger pulse of mine

was trapped in a notebook

under the trigger of you

How long had I lived

between my past

and your presence

Something always

fired me back to you

I chose to cross out

the target

drew a shield

to ward

off the shot


Ocean Eyes

We did not have a song

but if we did, it would go like this you

really knew how to make me cry

berating me on the subway platform angry at being torn from the club so pissed I was surprised

you got it up at all that night I tried and tried to find my voice

how can I order words

in order to make you listen

[no, no, no, no]

but you continued, stabbing me over and over until finally

I slapped you hard enough

that you rolled off to sleep

and I rolled into a ball

into the memories my mind

now showcases on repeat

you sobbed the next morning

could not possibly believe

you really know how to make me cry

when you give me those ocean eyes


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