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Campus Safety

by Ariadne Makridakis Arroyo

[Oxy-students-announcements-l] CAMPUS SAFETY - TIMELY WARNING


DATE: January 11, 2018

TIME: 12:28 PM

LOCATION(S): Off Campus: Westdale Ave., near Eagle Rock Blvd.

SUSPECT: Described by victim as male, Hispanic, short hair, facial hair, medium build, approximately 5' 9", wearing a light blue shirt and dark blue pants.

At approximately 12:28 PM this afternoon, a female student left the fitness center and noticed a Hispanic male standing across the street, at the corner of Campus Road and Alumni Ave. She proceeded to walk on Westdale Ave. and Campus Rd. (toward Eagle Rock Blvd.) where the offender appeared from behind and groped her.

A search of the area for the offender proved negative. LAPD has been contacted.


IT TAKES EVERYONE'S HELP IN ORDER TO KEEP OUR CAMPUS SAFE. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i was just walking down the street

coming from the gym at my college and going


i had no intention of staying long

the hunger

pulled in my stomach, led me straight away

to the bus

stop i felt so damn good,

that brand spanking new good

it was leg and ass day

i traveled that path so many times,

(i know that land so well i could find my way

through sand, through hell)

i evaded all those angry dogs trapped behind fences and uneven


(was it an earthquake?

or did someone put a curse on this land?)

i checked the bus app

how far was the 28?

12 minutes—just in time!

for me to make my great escape

i passed a man

i didn't think nothing of that man

again i just felt so damn good

tits perky and ass tight

all strong and mighty

all those ants under that unstable concrete trembled beneath my feet

i could have flipped over a car for all i cared

over how good i felt

everybody get out of my way!

i passed that man in broad daylight and i thought nothing of it

no one was around to bear

witness no dogs to catch his scent and put me on to him

no stalky evening shadows to give him away

he ran up behind me a block later and lifted me

up into the motherfucking air,

like i was a rag

doll, like i weighed nothing at all

i lost all grounding, all footing

heart pounding in my chest

i didn't know if i was even breathing but i must have been, right?

for the time i was in the air,

he grabbed my pussy

he used my ass as leverage to touch me there

he didn't care much about my ass

he grabbed me so hard my underwear scraped against my pubic hair

he grabbed me so hard i felt that shit in my clit

(most men i know can't even find the clit)

before it happened, it was over

he set me down on the ground

and ran off like a fucking coward, ran off like the way he came

only a fucking coward would do that

i wanted to cry but i had no space i was so angry bloody murder angry i wanted to snatch his hand right of my pussy wanted to kill a man that man any man but i didn't (i couldn't) built up anger blistering inside me from all the catcalls

unwanted touches and advances

that rage made me shake made me dizzy

(two diverging thoughts can't occupy the same line

just like two emotions aren't supposed to occupy the same mind)

i just didn't know what happened

a body interrupted

a body that took that walk so many times,

a thousand times the same, a thousand times


i was only scared after the matter

i kept thinking how he could have taken me

to where the coyotes hide during the day

and butchered me

i kept thinking about how he just grabbed my pussy

the way i imagine donald trump grabs pussy

i kept thinking it was a brown man that did that to me

i couldn't act,

but i screamed after him hoping

my voice would carry me

the distance that my legs couldn't reach him,

my legs standstill,

tunneled to that concrete landscape

i didn't know what to do with such power


i just kept on going i had to find my footing

i did what my body knew best and proceeded to the bus stop,

like nothing happened

i stood my ground,

as a car flew by, a gaggle of men whistling and hollering,

i got scared

what if he was with them? what if they wanted to kidnap me?

i pulled out my phone

i didn't call my family i dialed campus safety

i told them all i knew,

the straight facts

where i was, where [it] happened: on the corner of Westdale and Ave 46! i gave them the when, what, where, how (the why is intuitive?)

but i struggled with the who

i had such a clear image of my assailant in my head

could have picked him out anywhere (even to this day)

but i couldn't describe his features in a way that didn't come out lackluster, inadequate

i couldn't draw a picture of him with my words

(curse the poet in me!

curse the poet in me for writing this about him

for thinking about him at all)

the campus safety officer asked me if i was okay

i didn't have a word for how i felt, so i said yeah i'm fine

(a lie you learn to tell well)

she asked me if i wanted a ride home

i said yes, thinking of those men in the car, of all those men out there

she told me to sit put and wait

when they came to pick me up, i saw

it was a man in that campus safety vehicle

i thought twice about getting in that car

i knew it was safe, i even recognized the officer,

but i didn't feel safe i didn't want to be alone

in a car with a man

i wanted to hop on that bus that was about to pull up

at least i knew that fucking bus that's given me so much grief

i got in the car anyway

and sat in the back seat furthest away from him

my hands rubbing on my knees

my eyes kept darting out the window

he asked where i lived and i told him unwilling

he didn't ask me if i was okay

not that i wanted him to (or did i?) i didn't know what i wanted

just my power back or some kind of acknowledgement

he dropped me off at home just like that

i didn't tell my family

i didn't want their judgment or their worry

i could just hear my abuela fussing over me,

i could hear one of them saying

welltwhyweren'tyoumoreaware whywereyoulisteningtomusic

so i kept it all to myself i could handle myself and my pain and nobody else’s i didn't leave the house that night

i did away with the day (at least i got my workout in)

later i read that email

from campus safety detailing my “fondling”

i got a problem with that word

it makes it sound cute and softens the blow

reminds me of when i showed my breasts

to my fifteen-year-old crush and he palmed them

with nervous shaky hands

there was nothing nervous about my assailant's hands

i was not fondled i was immobilized and griped at

without my consent

according to california state law, what happened to me

was sexual battery, which is defined as:

“any person who touches an intimate part of another

person while that person is unlawfully restrained by the

accused or an accomplice, and if the touching is against

the will of the person touched and is for the purpose of

sexual arousal, sexual gratification, or sexual abuse”

^I got those words from the online consent education

training that is required for all students every year

but nobody cared to mention how my vagina was violated --batter-ed--

(see how language kills?)

everything about me reduced

to an email designed to warn the community and ward off any unwanted individuals

everything about me reduced

to “victim” that label serves to protect my anonymity

as anonymous as my assailant

we don't like to assign names and faces to what we find shameful

but it was me motherfuckers and i refuse to hide their shame for them

because i am no victim

they'd rather call us victims than examine the brutality of male libido

the terrorist that lies not in foreign countries but right here

behind the shut blinds of the bedroom

i must confess

that this is not a unique occurrence

i must confess that i am not special or significant in anyway

i was just walking down the street

(it always happens

that way)

i was in the wrong

place, the wrong time

i am an attractive girl (that's their excuse)

i didn't think it would happen to me in broad daylight

surely things like that don't happen

in a “nice'”liberal arts college built into a hill,

a li’l castle on a hill,

a li’l gated, gentrified community

with respectable campus safety officers and friendly neighbors

(at least that's what they say

until something bad happens

then all of a sudden its

“be aware of your surroundings”

and be a good Oxy upstander

by “calling campus safety”

to keep everybody safe and sound)

there we go again avoiding the root

cause of the problem, always looking to blame

a man in a mask, never a multitude

i'm doing just fine, thanks

i just don't like walking alone at night

yes, even a year and half later

but to tell you the truth, i never liked walking alone at night

i'm doing just fine thanks

i just walk a different path sometimes to the 28



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