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Full of Monsters

Morgan Sullivan

Monsters live in my head.

Some monsters have smooth reptile skin

shades of emerald jewels

and then there is one

that looks identical to you.

It has your burnt cigarette voice

that whispers when I sleep.

It has a malicious smile

with a silver lying tongue

and the same callused hands

stained with decades worth of shame

and sinister acts that the devil himself

would never condone.


takes the pain away.

It limits the aches all over my body

but can never stifle your voice

that has a permanent residence in my head.

Another monster emerges.

This one looked and

acted like me

but she wasn’t me.

She was better.

Because you never touched her

and you can’t hurt her

like how you did me.


Morgan Sullivan

Morgan Sullivan is an English major with a concentration in creative writing with a duel minor in creative writing with a concentration in poetry and public and professional writing at Montclair State University. She loves to write poetry in her free time along with spending quality time with her friends.


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