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I'm Not Ready Yet

by J.D. Gevry

I’m Not Ready Yet

I love him I want him he’s sexy so sweet We’ve gone once already we’re back in the sheets I’m not ready yet I’m not ready I said I’m not ready yet but he goes right ahead He repeats what I say that I’m not ready yet I know that he heard me I’m not ready yet But he plunges inside and I don’t understand Cuz he heard what I said he’s not “that kind of man” I know that he heard me I’m not ready yet He repeated my words I think just in jest Shock bolts through my body not sure what to do Cuz I want him just not now need foreplay need lube And it’s too late he’s in me I’m not ready yet And I know that he heard and I meant what I said But I love him and want him soon it’ll feel good Just didn’t start off the way that it should Said I’m not ready yet looking square in his face Said ok that’s ok to reclaim my space His eyes flashed a look I think that he knew I’d said I’m not ready my betrayal showed through I think that he saw at least lack of laughter

so I didn’t say more

and we didn’t talk after.


Previously published in Flush Left

God gave me roses

pink roses

on my birthday

And God watched as I learned

to grow thorns; protection

proving more critical

than care

Weeds creeping around stems

as a slower kind

of fatal embrace

God was in my garden

when my lover felt the velvet layers

gingerly rubbing petals

between his fingertips

he comes to me

he arrives

with/in me

Oh my, God

was in the garden



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