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Shame by Anchal Jain

by Anchal Jain

Why is it so difficult to say the truth, 

So what if they don't believe me, 

Why can't I trust myself, when I am the one who experienced it? 

Why does the feeling of rejection feel bigger than me? 

Why do I still want to belong between the people who sold me? 

Why do I have to sell my soul or hide it? 

Why can't I just be. 

Where can I reside, when shame lives deep inside of me, 

I don't want to be me, so who am I trying to be? 

I had enough of Shame, 

It tastes bitter, sour to me and sweet for those who surround me. 

It stuck like a glue and blended in my veins; 

It stretched out in my world, 

leaving no space. 

Shame, What does it mean to (be) me? 


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